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Where Do My Assets Go if I Die Without a Will in Michigan?

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The legal term for someone dying without a Will is “intestate”.  When someone dies intestate, they essentially have their Will written for them by the State Legislature.  There is a set of rules and priorities for determining who receives the assets of an intestate decedent, and the rules are different depending upon the marital status of the decedent and whether the decedent had children or surviving parents or siblings.

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Your Family Will Not Lose Half of Your Estate to Taxes or Probate

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When faced with the question “what do you want to accomplish with your plan?” many clients respond that their primary objective is avoid “giving half of their stuff to the government”. While this is a very commonly cited goal of Estate Planning, it is not a realistic concern for the vast majority of clients.

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Have you talked to your lawyer lately and do you need an estate plan review?

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When was the last time you reviewed your estate plan? An investment in a complete estate plan is an expensive process.  The expense related to an estate plan is not just the cost of putting the plan in place but also the time it took to meet with your lawyer, the time it took to assemble the information needed to put the plan together and the time it took to think through all of the different asset distribution possibilities.  Putting the plan in a book and on the shelf puts all of that time and effort at risk.  After the plan is finished the question becomes how often should one do an...

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Living Trusts — Not just for Millionaires

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Living Trusts can Benefit More than Millionaires Complex tax planning for the ultra-wealthy almost always involves the use of various trusts.  But it is a mistake to think that trusts are only for millionaires.  Trusts can provide a number of benefits for those with more modest wealth, as well as those with millions in the bank. What is a Living Trust? Living Trusts, or Revocable Trusts, provide more flexibility, more privacy, and various other benefits when compared to a simple Will or other testamentary plan.  A properly funded living trust will avoid Probate and the accompanying court...

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When to appoint a patient advocate or draft a living will.

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The Basics of a Patient Advocate or Living Will We are frequently asked when or if a client needs to appoint a patient advocate or draft a living will.  The simple answer to that question is that everyone should have a patient advocate and that it should be done sooner than later.  Some common reasons that bring people to a lawyer to draft a living will include the following: Declining health Diagnosis with a terminal or serious heath condition Desire to direct another regarding your wishes so that they will be more likely carried out An impending hospitalization or surgical procedure What...

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Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

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What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do? No one likes to think about what happens after they are gone – but almost everyone can benefit from doing a little Estate Planning. Obviously, individuals with a high net worth need Estate Planning. But Estate Planning attorneys are not just for the wealthy. If you own a home, have minor children or have bank accounts with more than a few dollars in them, some Estate Planning now can ensure that everything is handled according to your wishes after you are gone. Estate Planning ensures that your home, money and assets pass to your heirs as quickly and...

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