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Time to File your Michigan Annual Report

As the end of the year approaches it is once again time to start thinking about those end of the year tasks that seem to come around sooner every year.

For those that have an interest in an LLC or a PLLC, it is time to think about filing your annual report or statement with the State of Michigan. Many have probably already received a blank copy of the document in the mail from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth. This is not merely a formality. An annual report or statement needs to be filed every year for every entity in the State of Michigan in order to preserve the entity’s status as a valid corporation, limited liability company or professional limited liability company.

The filing due date for limited liability companies and professional limited liability companies is February 15. For profit corporations get a bit more time, with those statements being due on May 15 and non-profit corporations are due on October 1. If you would like to research your company’s prior filings review the Business Entity Search page on the website.

If you would like some help with completing the forms or just want to make sure that the reports are filed correctly, give a call to our Clinton Township office at (586) 690-4400 or drop us an e-mail. For additional information regarding the services we provide to businesses, check out the business planning section of our website.