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Investment Adviser Fees

Below is a link to an interesting article about whether investment management fees are deductible. We are seeing a number of clients come to our office that have entered into management agreements for their investment accounts without ever considering the true costs of those agreements. Some simply assume that the costs they are paying would be deductible off of their taxes and are later surprised by the fact that they have earned to much money for that to be so.

Are Investment Management Fees Tax Deductible?

This serves as yet another reminder of the fact that investors should thoroughly investigate both their investment advisers and any proposed agreements before they invest funds. Don’t be put in a position of being surprised months or years later.

If you are considering a new investment adviser or new investment firm, the securities arbitration and business planning attorneys of Penzien & McBride, PLLC would be happy to assist you with the adviser selection process and with the negotiation of any fees related to your account. You can reach us by calling our office at (586) 690-4400.