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Business Owners' Biggest Legal Concerns

We are interested to hear from business owners on this topic. What is your biggest concern related to the legal issues of your business?

  • Human Resources and employee matters
  • Record keeping and retention
  • Taxes
  • Government compliance
  • Collecting from customers
  • Being sued by customers
  • Understanding contracts with customers and vendors
  • Banking issues and loan covenants
  • Raising funding through less traditional methods (venture capital or angel investors)
  • Passing the business down to the next generation
  • Shielding personal assets from your business liabilities (or vice versa)
  • The fear that there is a legal issue that you do not even realize exists

Are there other legal topics that keep you up at night as a business owner? What are they?

What is keeping you from getting your attorney involved in these matters before they become an issue?