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The Securities and Exchange Commission Launched New Tool

The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently launched another investor protection search tool. The tool can be found on the SEC's website here. By using this search tool an investor can look for both federal court and administrative enforcement actions which have been brought against an individual. Investors will be able to determine if someone they are dealing with has ever been the subject of either a federal court action or an administrative enforcement action by the SEC and the details of those actions. Obviously, that information would be important to an investor before a decision is made to move forward with an investment or before working with an investing professional

The action search tool is one of many investor protection tools that have been made available by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Those tools are generally consolidated on the Commission's website. At that site, investors can research investment advisers and obtain other information about enforcement actions and investor alerts.

Investors are encouraged to use the SEC tools and the broker check website maintained by FINRA to obtain information about their investment professionals and possible investments. These tools make it possible for investors to avoid being taken by someone with a bad intent.